Cloud-based solution for monitoring roadways, jobsites, and other remote facilities.

Sensera Systems announced the availability of the MultiSense MC-60 Streaming Cloud Camera for Construction Site and Perimeter Security. The MC-60 is the first integrated solar/wireless cloud camera to offer live video streaming and built-in recording functions (DVR) as well as high resolution stills and time-lapse capabilities.

“Construction site managers asked for a single camera platform that provides jobsite security functions, as well as time-lapse and live video streaming,” said David Gaw, President of Sensera Systems. “The MC-60 delivers that while maintaining the extreme ease of use and low cost points of our flagship MC-30 camera.”

“The integrated MC-60 is a unique entry into the security market,” said Gaw, “with both cellular and Wi-Fi, and standard H.264 streaming, the MC-60 fills a need for solar-powered remote site and perimeter security at cost points significantly below modular solutions.”

The MC-60 offers 8MP still images for time-lapse, 720p video, and 32GB of DVR storage. The MC-60 operates with Sensera Systems’ MultiSensetm Cloud Service and provides a seamless user experience.

A remote security camera can be deployed in 20 minutes and accessed from any PC or mobile device. For construction sites, the MC-60 offers a single low-cost solution to provide time-lapse, remote viewing, and site security functions.

The MC-60 is light weight and portable and ideal for wide range of applications in law enforcement, event monitoring and roadway monitoring.

Sensera Systems.

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