MaxLite new generation of BayMAX LED Linear High Bay Fixtures, engineered with market-leading efficacy and output, to replace fluorescent and HID lighting in commercial and industrial ceilings.

BayMAX LED Linear High Bays feature LM80-tested LEDs and deliver an exceptional efficacy of more than 105 lumens per watt to efficiently light environments where maintenance is costly and labor-intensive. The fixtures replace T8 and T5 fluorescent, and HID high bay, fixtures in industrial environments with 15- to 40-foot ceilings, including big box retailers, gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. The BayMAX Linear High Bay is available in three outputs: a 115-watt, 150-watt and 235-watt models and replace up to a 400-watt HID.

MaxLite’s linear high bays are a breakthrough product in performance and affordability for the commercial and industrial specification-grade market,” said Vice President of Product Marketing Pat Treadway. “Value pricing and the long-term cost-saving benefits of LED technology make the choice to switch simple.”

Powered by MaxLite’s signature thermal- and lumen-balanced light engines, the BayMAX LED Linear High Bays have a cool operating temperature that produces greater energy savings and a much longer life over the fixtures they replace. The fixture’s drivers feature a 1-10V dimming standard that allows the luminaire to be turned off below 1V, reducing the chance of bottom-out flickering. A rear-side access door enables easy maintenance and serviceability in the field. BayMAX LED Linear High Bays have a minimum lifetime of 100,000 hours at L70 standards and are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Solidly constructed of 22-gauge, steel housing, BayMAX LED Linear High Bay fixtures operate on universal 120- to 277-volt electrical systems. A 480-volt option is available upon request. Optional product enhancements include emergency battery backup, occupancy sensors, wire guards and lensed doors; a quick-connect whip cable has also been added as an optional accessory. BayMAX LED Linear High Bay Fixtures fit most standard fluorescent accessories.


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