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2009 Industry Outlook: Urban forestry
Making green matter
Partner with utility and road projects to make successful bids for funding.

Balancing green and gray

Urban sprawl necessitates that urban foresters educate developers and network with planning and engineering colleagues to balance gray and green infrastructure. One example is the use of structural soil that safely bears pavement loads after compaction while allowing root penetration and tree growth: http://www.hort.cornell.edu/uhi/outreach/csc/.

The products are the stars of this show
World of Concrete's most innovative products

To see the complete list of the World of Concrete's Most Innovative Products candidates, and to vote online for this year's most novel offerings, visit www.mip2009.com . Winners will be announced in March. The contest is sponsored by Hanley Wood's Concrete & Masonry Construction Products, a sister magazine to Public Works. For more information about the MIP contest, or World of Concrete, visit www.worldofconcrete.com.