MM1018 is a polymeric metal material that provides 100% force fit gap compensation for the repair of railways, steel bridges, power plants and utility construction projects, offshore drilling rigs, wind turbines, and other demanding high-load, critical environments.

This high performance repair product provides 100% volume restoration inside the gap between bearing and construction without machining of back plate and face plate. It combines high compressive and shear strength, excellent vibration damping, and long-term corrosion protection in extreme service conditions (vibration, temperature extremes, etc.), and is resistant to weathering and aging, as well as gasoline, oils, coolants, acids, lye and more. It is easily applied onsite, even at height, using casting or injection. This allows significant repair cost savings versus conventional disassembly/rebuild methods. It is ideal for railways, subways, monorails and other critical infrastructure projects.

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