Tool kit in the palm of your hand

Twist-a-Nut 7-in-1 screwdriver/ nutdriver includes a 3/16 -in. and ¼- in. slotted head, a No. 1 and No. 2 Phillips head, a ¼-in. and 5/16 -in. nutdriver, and a patented connector wrench. The tool boasts a universal connector wrench formed into the handle for twist-on connectors from every major manufacturer. The driver features a two-part dual durometer grip, with a soft, black Santoprene mold for great comfort and improved torque. Ideal Industries Inc.

Socket tooling kits

Each HDPE pipe-fusion tooling set includes a 120 V or 240 V Muti-Mc heater, heater sling, heater adapters, ratchet shears, chamfer tools/depth gauges, spare chamfer blade, and cold ring tools. Eight kits are avaialable, geared to four specific ranges of fitting sizes and heater voltage requirements. They come in a specialized tool box with a custom tray for components. McElroy Manufacturing.

Day-to-day measuring tools

These handheld laser distance meters handle day-to-day measuring tasks, including continuous measurement, horizontal and vertical distances, area and volume, and pythagoras functions. The D210XT features a sealed keypad, dust- and impact-resistant housing, and multifunctional end piece. The D330i enables wireless data transfer with Bluetooth capability. Leica Geosystems Inc.

Crimper performs in

The hydraulic robo crimper is designed with an ergonomically balanced heavy-duty housing for performance even in bad weather, and a protective rubber boot on the “C” head. It runs on a long-lasting 14.4 V litihium-ion battery. The mechanical retract doesn't require battery power. Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.

Handheld demolition hammer

At only 3 ½ lbs. and 12 4/5 in. long, the RazorBack Pulverizer multipurpose concrete demolition tool can be conveniently carried on tool belts. Features include a heavy-duty sledge head with a 1½-in. strike face, claw teeth for better gripping in prying applications, a 2-in. scraper with a large head nail puller, and textured grip with shock-dampening properties to reduce slipping. Ames True Temper.

Cold-weather gear

Made of 100% polyester, the Deluxe Knitted Tube fits over hard hats for a wind-resistant fit that shields the ears, forehead, face, and neck from cold. Also available are standard knitted tubes that shield forehead and ears, winter liners that can be worn under hard hats or by themselves, and mouth/chin covers. Allegro Industries.

Ladder handle for easy carrying

The Strap-n-Go evenly distributes the weight of any ladder to maintain balance, comfort, and control. It helps eliminate injuries and decrease stress, strain, and fatigue caused by other carrying methods. Strap-n-Go Ladder Handle, a div. of IQ-pod LLC.

ANSI-certified high-visibility apparel

The GloWear line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, weatherproof bomber jackets, foul-weather gear, pants, leg gaiters, hats, and more. Made from durable, breathable fabrics, the clothing meets visibility needs from noncertified to Class 3. Some shirts, vests, and hats feature Insect Shield. Ergodyne.

Respirator and goggles for mold, asbestos

This combo appeared on the Today Show for treating toxic mold. The Toxic Dust Respirator has a comfortable, flexible facepiece and lightweight cartridges. It's also ideal for working near asbestos, tile/brick cutting, and soldering with lead. The Industrial Grade Safety Goggles protect eyes from high-impact projectiles and chemical splashes and fit over prescription glasses. Items sold separately. MSA — The Safety Co.

Protect refuse workers

The tarpARMOR Fall Protection System includes Bi-LINE Fall Restraint for working atop refuse vehicles, safe- MOUNT Ladder Assist handrail extension, and Expandable Garbage Gear extension poles and attachments to safely clean/maintain vehicles from ground level or above. tarpArmor, Div. of Southwestern Sales Co.