Retains water and nutrients at the grass root zone so public parks, golf courses, and other grassy areas use less water.

elementC6, is introducing Turf Rescue, the first biochar-based soil amendment created especially to keep lawns green while using at least 35 percent less water. Turf Rescue is a proprietary blend of Cool Planet’s CoolTerra” biochar and Agromin’s Compost 100 organic soil amendment.

Biochar is a highly porous charcoal-like material that improves moisture and nutrient retention in soil while providing a habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms.

Turf Rescue’s biochar component acts like a sponge to retain water and nutrients at the grass root zone, increasing water use efficiency and reducing the need for fertilizer. Agromin’s OMRI-listed Compost 100 inoculates the biochar thereby incorporating beneficial microbes directly into the biochar and enhancing the process.

Agromin and Cool Planet have spent the last year testing the product on lawns throughout southern California. “Our studies show that when Turf Rescue is applied to grass, water usage is cut significantly,” says Bill Camarillo, CEO of Oxnard-based Agromin. “This means lawns and other turf-intensive areas can remain green and healthy while their owners comply with tough water restrictions.”

elementC6 recommends that Turf Rescue be installed by a professional landscaper. After a lawn is mowed and aerated, Turf Rescue is applied at a rate of 1 cubic ft. per 100 square feet of turf. Water is applied normally for 7 to 10 days after which the watering schedule is ready to be reduced.

The environmental value of grass is significant. “Turf plays and important role in our ecosystem,” says Wilson. “Grass absorbs greenhouse gasses, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. A 2,500 square foot lawn, for example, produces enough oxygen for a family of five. It also lowers surface temperatures.


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