PRO Product Line
PRO Product Line

Classen, an industry-leading brand of commercial and residential turf care equipment, introduces its Classen PRO line of landscaping equipment for commercial landscape contractors and rental centers. The product line includes five products, a new stand-on aerator, a walk-behind aerator, an overseeder, a sod cutter and a turf rake.

Classen incorporated multiple features to set the product line apart from competitive units, the overseeder, turf rake and sod cutter feature hydrostatic drives, which give the operator variable speed in forward or reverse. The Classen PRO HSC18 Sod Cutter is the fastest model in transport on the market due to its hydrostatic transmission and powerful engine. It’s Hydro-Gear T2 hydrostatic drive transmission ensures smooth, consistent power flow. It’s coupled with a Honda engine that allows the unit to reach speeds as fast as 4.7 mph, which is 35 percent faster than competitive models. Paired with a powerful cutting blade at the center of the machine, the sod cutter efficiently produces sod mats that contractors easily roll up.

Classen also incorporated its patented split-drive system into the Pro PowerSteer walk-behind aerator. It’s one of the only walk-behind units with power steering. The split-drive allows the engine to power dual tine shafts independently for exceptional maneuverability during aeration. This results in a unit that turns easily while operating close to hydrants, trees and shrubbery.

In addition to the hydrostatic drives or power steering, many Classen PRO products feature anti-vibration handles and vibration dampening into the equipment, which reduces the intensity of vibrations transferred from a machine to the operator. This allows the operator to easily take on large projects where they might be using the equipment for several hours.


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