This urban furniture is ideal for the creation and renovation of public
toilets with embedded cabin modules or ready to install modules.
These products can be installed on various sites, such as services areas,
commercial streets, sports complexes and fields, urban areas, bike
paths, parks, hotels, and tourist information centers.

The unit is made of reinforced polyester, includes: a bowl with built-in
seat, a molded sink with a hand dryer, soap dispenser and water without
contact, stainless steel mirror, trash dispenser, two toilet paper dispensers, two coat hooks rack and 4 floor washing nozzles. The toilet module can be activated and remotely programmed for locking and cleaning.

This innovative product offers very promising characteristics for cities and
municipalities: fabrication and environmental design, resistant to vandalism and graffiti, ease and minimal maintenance required, programmable, unisex design with a model for disabled persons, minimum lifetime 25 years, designed for temperatures ranging from-50o C to +40 oC, 3 year warranty or 25,000 users.

"We are very proud to finally offer in Quebec a high quality sanitary
product range with over 3,500 installations in Europe for over 25 years"
said Mr. Marcel Paré, President of the company SAGELEC CANADA-USA,
a division of Star Suites Group. With this range of prefabricated factory toilet unit, SALEGEC CANADAUSA is able to offer a turn-key ready for any type of development across North America, ranging from architectural design to implementation on site.


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