In a recent PUBLIC WORKS survey, we surveyed readers on the municipal pools in their jurisdictions. Here's what they said:

  • Of those surveyed, 58.2% said that their public works department had public pools under its jurisdiction, while 41.8% did not.
  • Of those who had public pools under their jurisdiction, 35.3% told us that their department undertook renovations of their public pools within the past two years, while 64.7% had not done so.

Our readers told us that pool renovations were paid for in a number of ways, with 69.4% of those surveyed who maintain public pools said that renovations were paid for through capital improvement. Other funding sources included:

  • User fees, 21.2%
  • Government grants, 21.2%
  • O&M, 12.9%
  • Other, including local bank loans, sales tax, school district monies, and the municipal general fund, 4.7%

Of those readers surveyed whose public works department had no public pools under its jurisdiction, only 14.5% said that they had any plans to build a pool in the near future.