Aqua Zenivex E20
Aqua Zenivex E20

The new formulation expands the Zenivex adulticide lineup of reduced-risk mosquito products with an option that offers easier mixing and equipment cleanup.

Aqua Zenivex E20 features an EPA reduced-risk classification, and it is approved for a wide range of application sites including over agricultural crops, pastures and rangeland with no crop set-backs.

This liquid concentrate provides quick knockdown of adult mosquitoes. Etofenprox, the active ingredient in all Zenivex formulations, presents low toxicity to birds and dried foliar residues are not harmful to honeybees. Aqua Zenivex E20 can be used either diluted or undiluted for ULV, fogging or aerial applications. This versatile formulation is approved for use in residential, commercial or industrial settings, as well as over agriculture crops, including those intended for human consumption, pasture, rangeland and other areas where mosquitoes are a problem. Aqua Zenivex E20 requires no synergist and the mixed/agitated solution stays without stratifying or settling.

Central Life Sciences.

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