Pesticide-free steam weeder

The GS5000i is a weed-killing machine for the long rows of weeds emerging from sidewalks, parking lots, and other hard paved surfaces. It achieves instant knockdown with no residues and no cleanup afterward. Operators simply pull the supply cart with one hand while shooting weeds with the steam gun in the other hand. GreenSteam Solutions Inc.

100-in. lawn sweeping width

The Estate Master towable lawn sweeper, which is formed by hitching three of the company's Suburbanite lawn sweepers together, is capable of picking up sunflower seeds, grass, leaves, twigs, and debris from large turf area. It has a 100- in. sweeping width. Easily towed by a front-engine turf and garden tractor, zero-turn riding mower, or ATV with rear hitch hole, it leaves a noticeably groomed field. Ariens Co.

Durable, efficient rotor system

Improved production levels highlight the Bull Hog HDT rotor system, which includes maintaining the same horsepower and maximum durability. The rotor system can be equipped with three different carbide options and a knife tool that allows operators to quickly configure their mulcher to diverse conditions. Fecon Inc.

Maintain tree health with less water

Using 20% less water than surface irrigation, Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes water, aerate, and fertilize directly at the root zone. A hollow spike, lined with holes, that's inserted into the ground ensures water gets down to the roots. The UV-protected cap allows for pounding into the ground with a sledge hammer, while an internal filter keeps rocks and dirt from entering the stake. The product can be used with a common garden hose or with standard ¼-in. drip line and emitters. Green King LLC.

Mulches for erosion control, hydroseeding

The TRU-Mulch line comprises six wood-fiber mulches originating from virgin poplar and pine wood chips from forests in the Eastern U.S. The mulches undergo a “double refining” process that uses high-pressure steam to create fiber from wood chips; a nontoxic green dye is added to increase visibility and aesthetic appeal. They are ideal for mixing into homogeneous slurry and will not dewater during difficult hose work. Finn Corp.

For grading sites too small for dozers

When attached to a loader, these heavy-duty grader attachments eliminate the need for dozers, making it quick and easy to spread and grade material on smaller jobsites. The company's 96-in. and 108-in. graders move six different ways to grade any surface, and will move as much material as a small dozer. Features include a hydraulic side-shift for easier grading in tight areas or next to obstacles, and an end-wing kit to use the graders like a box blade. Bobcat Co.

Post driver runs on propane

The Propane Hammer is ideal for driving Uchannel posts, T'Posts, silt fence, and any other kind of sign post, ground rod, or rebar up to 3.5 ft. in diameter into hard, dry, frozen, and rocky ground. It weighs less than 45 lbs., and since it runs on propane, it's completely self-contained for work in remote areas. Users can drive several hundred posts on a single 14-oz. tank. Tippmann Industrial Products Inc.

Easy-to-use mowers

Ideal for entry-level landscapers, the ZTrak 700 Series of mowers have pneumatic front tires for a soft ride, comfortable bucket seats with armrests, and easy-grip turning height-of-cut adjustment. They're equipped with the company's Brake & Go system and a 7-Iron II mower deck with mowing speeds up to 10 mph and a 400-lb. towing capacity. John Deere.

Drinking water

Prevent premature closing

The D-060HF Combination air valve features a full-flow passage that allows high air intake and discharge pressure. It discharges high air flow rates up to 160 m3/h (cubic meter per hour). The one-size orifice allows for a wide pressure range (up to 16 bar 230 psi). The valve is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 10 in. A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Ltd.

Versatile analytical meter

LabNavigator is a powerful and intuitive handheld analytical meter for the lab, plant/facility, or field. It can collect data from a wide range of sensor types such as pH, ORP, ISE, colorimeter, turbidity, spectrophotometer, conductivity, TDS, salinity, force or impact, and soil moisture. A lab or field user may input methods or instructions for easy reference, collect data from the sensors, analyze data, review protocols, and record notes in voice format or typed format directly into one instrument while using up to six different types of sensors simultaneously. Forston Labs.

Custom tank covers

Defender Tank Covers are custom-manufactured to fit the profile of your new or existing potable water tank. Low-profile structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment. Environetics Inc.

Resistant to organic fouling

Ideal for systems with variable pretreatment, Filmtec BW30XFR-400/34i has an optimized design and materials of construction to create a durable, high-rejection and high-productivity element to purify waters with biological and organic fouling tendencies. Features include advanced membrane chemistry with high resistance to biological and organic fouling; an optimized 34 mil feed spacer to lessen the impact of fouling and enhance cleaning effectiveness; 400-sq.-ft. active area for more productivity without increasing the operating flux; and iLec interlocking end-caps that reduce operating costs and the risk of O-ring leaks. Dow Water & Process Solutions.

Gas-powered pipe stand

Self-contained and gasoline-powered, MegaMc Pipe Stands alleviate the use of heavy machinery on a jobsite. After the thermoplastic pipe is in place on the pipe stand, the hydraulic power unit can move the pipe up to 24 in. laterally and 34 in. vertically to help align the pipe with a fusion machine. The pipe stands offer rugged rollers that allow the pipe to move easily and a wide base for stability. They can be stacked for easy storage or shipping. McElroy Manufacturing Inc.