TBB-3002 Brush Blazer’s 48-inch cut width makes the machine a stand-alone solution between smaller-scale lawn units and commercial forestry attachments.

New PECO Inc. is a manufacturer of lawn vacuums and innovative outdoor power equipment. Its Brush Blazer is the ideal tool for clearing underbrush and trees, performing trail maintenance, cleaning retention ponds or clearing right-of-ways. The rotary brush-cutting system features two half-inch-thick steel discs, each with three hardened steel flail blades. The weight of the discs and the mass of the blades give the unit the strength and momentum needed to plow through tall grass, tough brush and woody material.

The PECO equipment features easy-to-use controls for smooth, safe operation. Two levers for speed and steering operate similar to a zero-turn mower. An operator presence safety switch requires pressure to run the engine, ensuring operator safety during use. The self-propelled unit has infinitely variable speeds up to 5 mph, making operation efficient and easy even when clearing steep ditches or rough terrain.

Featuring a hydrostatic track drive system for smooth, efficient operation in a variety of terrains and conditions, the track system and the front-end sled configuration provide exceptional traction while also ensuring stability when working on steep grades or slopes. Because it is relatively small and compact, the Brush Blazer is ideal for hard-to-reach areas where commercial attachments, skid steers or other equipment may be too large. It is easily transported on a standard landscape trailer or in the bed of an 8-foot pickup truck.

New PECO Inc. www.brushblazer.com

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