Mix and match Grove Collection solar-powered designs to maximize your community’s public green space.

Grove shade with integrated solar components is the perfect blend for a high functioning, diversely connected population. Designed for public and private settings, access to power is easy with this blended approach which also allows for a collection of all-weather surfaces and seating to augment almost any work or on-the-go environment. Designed by SIXINCH and Gensler-Chicago team, the design of the Lilly shade was created to provide optimal light shelter and would stay optimal throughout the many geographical regions of the Northern hemisphere. The solar array was purposely oversized so that even on cloudy days, the Goal Zero Sherpa will still be charging and dispensing power via the shade and mast system.

DURABILITY -- The Lilly shade is made in Italy and is an 86% barrier. The stones are made of 12,000 PSI concrete and the solar components are rigorously tested by Grove’s partner, Goal Zero.
AESTHETICS -- Born out of the love for nature, this shade emulates the timeless form of the lily pad. The base stone’s smooth simplicity is the perfect grounding feature. The solar components that hover like a dragon fly above the shade; bring green power to the outdoor working/learning space.
ENVIRONMENTAL -- Grove Products have exceptional durability and low maintenance. Green power provided by Grove’s integrated, seamless Solar Power delivery system.
INNOVATION – Grove helps organization harness the healthy benefits of meeting, working, and learning in outdoor environments. Both shade and solar power system formed of honest materials.

Grove by SIXINCH

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