High-capacity collector

The PowerVac 16FM high-capacity leaf collector features a low-profile “power hopper” collection system. The deck-driven machine moves a high volume of air to carry moist leaves, wet grass, straw, and de-thatching debris through the collector tube. It raises and tilts back the hopper, opening the door at the same time for clean, quick emptying. The collector has a removable screen, downward exhaust, and has a sight window that can be removed easily for cleaning. The Grasshopper Co. www.grasshoppermower.com.

Industrial-size collector

The Yard Vac Commander features an 8-hp engine and a 36-inch sweeping nozzle for heavy-duty collection jobs. It comes standard with a bag support rack and a nozzle adjustment feature that enables the operator to sweep up debris without having to lift the entire machine. The unit holds bags up to 18 cubic feet and can handle bags full of high-moisture leaves. At 250 pounds, the machine is relatively lightweight. A tow bar is available. California Trimmer Inc. www.californiatrimmer.com.

Residential leaf collection

The Pik-n-Pak is a versatile, detachable leaf collection unit that can be self-propelled or pulled behind a vehicle. To use, drive the machine to the curbside, where it gathers, compacts, and deposits leaves into the 6-cu.-yd. hopper bin. When the bin is full, the unit can easily be dumped into the trailing top- or rear-loading packer truck or other vehicle for transport to a compost site. The fast system requires just one operator, and easily handles wet or snowy leaves. Dynamic Manufacturing Corp. www.dynamicmfgcorp.com.

Low-noise backpack blower

Weighing 22.5 pounds, the 356BTx features a low-emission engine, reduced-noise operation, and tube-mounted throttle control. The unique intake air cleaning design enables the blower to operate longer. Its ergonomic characteristics include a ventilated, load-reducing harness; adjustable handle with rubber inserts; steel springs separating the engine and chassis to reduce vibration; and a center of gravity placed close to the user's back. A large, transparent tank holds enough fuel for 80 minutes of continuous operation. Husqvarna Construction Products North America. www.usa.husqvarna.com.

Lawn vacuum

The V533 clamshell lawn vacuum removes and compacts leaves, grass clippings, thatch, and other yard waste. The debris is collected in a lightweight, polyethylene, 27-bushel bin that has a tapered-bottom design for quick, thorough dumping, which is accomplished through a foot-release dump mechanism. The Model 200 extension hose is ideal for pickup in tight areas, around flowerbeds, near bushes, and under trees. The hose is 12 feet long and can couple to a 6- or 7-inch-diameter hose. Choose from two 5-hp Briggs & Stratton engine options. BlueBird International. www.bluebirdintl.com.

Leaf vacuum/blower

The SH 85 D vacuum/blower has a shredder blade that reduces yard-waste volume (14:1 for dry leaves). It comes with a vacuum bag and suction tube, and it converts easily to a handheld blower. It also has round and flat nozzle blower tubes, soft-grip handles, a throttle speed lock for constant operation, and a powerful engine. Internal rubber coating in the fan housing protects against wear and tear. A catalytic converter muffler can be used to reduce emissions. Stihl Inc. www.stihlusa.com.