The new Rockaway Model
The new Rockaway Model

The Rockaway attachment has now been re-designed and re-introduced as a new Super Duty model for even better performance and durability.

Improvements include a stronger hood design, front push bar, heavier tube frame, stainless steel wear runners, enlarged rotor shaft, heavier-duty bearings, and new, larger #80 drive sprockets and chain.

The new Super Duty Rockaway Model 7415SD accommodates 68- to 73.5-inch buckets. Rugged, matching companion buckets are available, and the same Rockaway can be used on several different buckets of the same size.

Rockaway is an affordable landscaping tool that attaches and detaches easily on a loader bucket, and in minutes quickly turns rough, rocky ground into a finely-groomed seedbed. Rockaway tills and fluffs soil separating rocks by a single, rugged rotor, studded with extremely durable Hardox steel teeth arranged in a spiral pattern.

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