BuySpeed eProcurement Solution
BuySpeed eProcurement Solution

Latest version of BuySpeed procure-to-pay solution delivers a consumer-like user experience, adds catalog capabilities and robust searching for public sector & higher education organizations.

The enhanced eProcurement suite features a redesigned user interface, faster search, improved catalog, and advanced reporting capabilities. BuySpeed version 14 provides a more engaging and productive experience to end-users to deliver even greater efficiency, transparency and savings.

BuySpeed version 14 features many software enhancements and additional platform capabilities, including:

• Redesigned User Interface – Major portions of BuySpeed have been redesigned from the ground up to simplify and streamline all aspects of the user experience.

• Easy-to-Use Catalog – Designed to replicate familiar consumer shopping experiences, the improved catalog allows users to browse, collect items in a shopping cart, and then – when ready to create a Requisition – use their shopping cart to 'check out'.

• Faster Search – New cutting-edge search technology helps users get more accurate results, faster. Custom columns for Bids, Purchase Orders, and additional catalog filters are now searchable to enable users to quickly find the results they’re looking for.

• Improved Reporting and Dashboards – BuySpeed’s Business Intelligent module added additional advanced filtering capabilities, including Top/Bottom filters, as well as additional chart formatting options, dashboard exports, and tree maps.

• Built-In Access to the Periscope Supplier Network – The latest version of BuySpeed includes built-in access to the only supplier network created for the public sector. With over 1 million enrolled suppliers, the Periscope Supplier Network helps buyers increase competition, exceed openness standards, and support suppliers with more opportunities and easier ways to respond.

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