Aphos LED roadway luminaires by EYE Lighting International complete the highly versatile family, featuring the Ceiling and Wall mount versions, for both indoor and outdoor applications, including warehouses, parking garages, parking lots and facades. Aphos Roadway features Type II, III and V optics, perfect for roadways, collector roads, service drives and outdoor parking and area lighting.

“Aphos LED luminaires are a great value, performing well against our competitors. The available Programmable Motion Sensor helps increase energy savings and reduces maintenance costs by setting your desired footcandle level, automatically turning off during daylight hours, and maximizing the fully adjustable dimming capabilities,” said Rob Freitag, vice president of marketing for EYE Lighting.

The energy-efficient Aphos LED luminaires are rated at 60,000 hours of life, are suitable in -35 degress C to +40 degrees C ambient, and are compatible with both EYE Lighting photocontrols and standard photocontrols. Its unique driver adapts to a variety of voltage ranges and is 0-10V dimming capable. The energy-efficient, rugged luminaires are designed with custom LED optics that delivers exceptional light-on-task coverage that can minimize the number of fixtures required in an installation.

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