I’ve received some wonderful comments concerning my full radius curb ramp post and would like to address a couple of them below:

“Reading Michele’s thoughts are interesting though not always perfect.”
I agree! And I am only as good as the knowledge I have and share. I would love to hear from you when you feel I am incorrect, or if you have a different opinion based on your own experiences, since I am only satisfied when I am learning. Feel free to email me at michele@michele-able.com.

“Curbs aren’t barriers.”
AMEN! However, as another commenter pointed out: “The curb does at least allow the vehicle driver to know they have ventured from their lane.” (To Richard: I agree with everything that you said!)

I do hope that readers took the time to examine my drawing, which suggested using bollards and other fixed objects as solutions for depressed curbs that wrap from one side to the other. These same solutions are given as examples for required guidance at roundabouts—to help the visually limited find the actual crosswalk. I feel bollards or concrete-encased plants or trash containers are also great deflectors. Plus, they remind drivers not to encroach into the pedestrian space.

In the end, as with life, there is seldom a perfect situation or solution. But I do believe that dialogue, sharing of ideas and experiences, and continually trying to find best practices and approaches can only improve the safety and lives of those we serve. I thank each of you for your comments and pray you will never hesitate to let me know when you don’t agree with me or have some additional wisdom to share for me and our readers. The day I stop learning is the day I am a hindrance for all concerned. PLEASE stay connected.

I’m wishing you success in all you are doing to improve the world we live in.