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  • Bird Control

    Fourteen ways to (humanely) block, bedevil, and otherwise banish feathered pests.

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    Iron Constitution

    One of the nation's largest tipping floors cuts repair time in half.

  • Michigan city chips in on ‘green’effort

    Battle Creek is the latest municipality to implement eco-friendly practices in its infrastructure management operations

  • Clinton to Give Cities a Green Boost

    The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program a Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) project seeks to help cities around the world improve eco-friendliness by reducing energy use.

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    Turn waste into ‘black gold’

    Compost's benefits to soils are physical, chemical, and biological. Physical benefits include improved soil structure and improved moisture management (both higher moisture capacity and higher infiltration).

  • Beating thirsty dirt

    A Texas city requires developers to test soil for water content before designing and building roads.

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    Denver EPA goes green

    The U.S. EPA's new 232,000-square-foot facility in Denver was built with the goal of earning a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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    APWA Expo Preview: building and facilities management

    A preview of APWA events related to building and facilities management.

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    New York City constructs third water tunnel

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    Battling the enemy

    Corrosion at wastewater treatment facilities gets little attention from upper-echelon managers and policymakers but is all too familiar to those who actually operate and maintain the plants. Until this year, the 20-volume ASM Handbook did not even specifically address corrosion in wastewater...


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