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  • Lutron app for government energy pros

    The powerful Quantum Total Light Management system will streamline the energy management process for government facilities by adding Quantum Vue software for anytime, anywhere access.

  • Precast Piles Extend Bridge Life

    A new technology promises to dramatically extend the service life of precast concrete bridge piles by dramatically improving their corrosion resistance through carbon fiber reinforced polymer grid .

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    Indoor and outdoor graffiti protection

    Graffiti-Shell WB is two-component, water-based urethane that protects concrete, brick, and stucco from permanent graffiti damage.

  • Loaders for site prep

    Wheel loaders are easy to operate and are ideal for material production facilities and site preparation and maintenance yards.


    Versatile refuse collection vehicle

    Half/Pack Freedom navigates tight material recovery facilities and dump sites.

  • Rolling steel doors

    Insulated rolling steel doors provide LEED post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content and durable design credits.

  • Graywater harvesting system

    Recycle shower and sink, washing machine, and dishwasher wastewater into a steady and reliable water supply for a commercial or institutional building’s toilet flushing requirements.

  • Vertical-axis wind turbine

    Power streetlights in off-grid locations or complement a solar panel installation with the VisionAIR vertical-axis wind turbine.

  • Temporary wall, corner guards

    Made of pre-formed, 100%recycled paperboard, Centurion for Doors snaps on jambs and headers to protect against inevitable jobsite gouges, nicks, and scratches.

  • Remote environmental monitoring, control

    GrayWolfLive enables customers who own the company’s AdvancedSense, WolfPack, or DirectSense meters to access indoor and ambient air quality, industrial hygiene, LEED IEQ Credit 3.2, and HVAC data and attached notes (audio, text, photos, etc.) from any Web-enabled device and adjust log intervals...

  • Insulated rolling steel doors

    The Thermiser Max and Therm-Master exceed 2012 International Energy Conservation Code air-infiltration requirements by 34%.

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    Dogitpot + Poly pet waste station

    The Poly pet waste station is designed to encourage pet owners to help keep parks and other public areas free of dog deposits.

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    ClearSpan + Hercules fabric storage structures

    The company engineers, manufactures, installs, and offers finance assistance on custom fabric-covered truss-arch buildings for construction sites, storage, and other applications.

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    Calhoun + CC Series fabric buildings

    The CC (compression coupler) series of fabric-covered structures combines a coupler and gusset for long transfer of pressure over the connecting cords.

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    Big Wipes + Big Industrial+ wipes

    Big Industrial+ wipes consist of dual-sided fabric premoistened with cleaner to remove stains and dried-on dirt from hands, tools, and surfaces.

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    Williams + municipal building design

    The company has a broad range of experience designing city and village halls, public works facilities, and other municipal buildings.

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    Wheeler + Salt storage structures

    The company works with agencies to design and construct buildings for storing sand and salt.

  • HP Twin 8 Product Photography

    Stanley Hydraulic + HP Twin8 power tools

    The HP Twin8 can power two hydraulic power tools at 8 gpm at once.

  • Britespan + Easy Access temporary structures

    The Easy Access building series enables users to access the structure from the side. The 15-ft-high side entrance facilitates equipment and materials storage, and it enables users to orient the structure for convenient traffic flow.

  • Waterless Co. urinal

    Foil would-be vandals by installing closed-bottom urinals that don’t need to be taken apart for cleaning.


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