Design allows trucks and construction equipment to use a doorway’s full height and width when entering or exiting a large building.

Midland’s bi-fold doors contain heavy-gauge steel tubing and a unique truss system that are jig welded for exceptional strength and durability. A single-latch system with a safety switch comes standard on every door for easy operation. Once closed, users can easily secure the door with one latch in the center rather than one on each end. With an optional automatic latch, Midland bi-fold doors can be opened with the push of a button.

Optional integrated safety switches stop the door if anything interferes while it is opening or closing. Midland secures each door section with cold-formed steel hinges that are welded to the door’s frame and linked together with 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch cold-formed hinge pins.

Door colors can be customized to match any building. Door sheeting and trim is available in 26- or 29-gauge ribbed steel, and the interior liner panels also are 29-gauge ribbed steel. Midland paints each doorframe exterior to match the building’s trim color.

Each bi-fold door is built to individual customer specification. at Midland’s new 40,000-square-foot facility in West Fargo, then delivers the doorframe and other components to the customer’s site ahead of time to expedite the installation process. Its experienced and well-equipped installation crew lifts each door into place with a telescoping boom forklift, then welds or bolts the doorframe to the building. The crew then applies insulation and steel paneling to the interior and exterior of the doorframe on site. After the installation, Midland remains available for servicing the door to further ensure longevity and smooth operation.

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