Temporary perimeter systems

Smart Barrier is a temporary perimeter system designed to provide first responders and emergency managers with a quick method to secure a dangerous area. It consists of SB 1000 security devices; 4-foot-high stackable plastic cylinders with tops to mount security equipment; high-intensity reflective security zone message; LED warning beacons; perimeter rope; and security zone barriers. Red, yellow, and blue are available. Temporary Perimeter Systems LLC. APWA Booth 2344. www.pwmag.com/05sept1.

Dump body configurations

Front-center and rear discharge configurations (both featuring a reversible conveyor) have been added to the Muni-body line of dump/spreader bodies. The front-side discharge version is available with a cross-auger or a cross-conveyor to deliver material to spinners on either side of the body. An asphalt style is available with any of the front-center and front-side discharge options. The product is engineered to interact with asphalt pavers and other “laydown” machines. Henderson Manufacturing Inc. APWA Booth 1332. www.pwmag.com/05sept2.

Manhole lift

The Magnetic Manhole Lift System eliminates the use of pry bars and reduces injuries caused by the handling of the covers. A locking mechanism is created with a series of magnets, which enable the unit to clamp onto the manhole cover without any special tools. The system can move manholes up to 36 inches in diameter with its 22-pound magnet. A specially designed dolly can help the average person reach up to 400 pounds of pull force. U.S. Saws. APWA Booth 449. www.pwmag.com/05sept3.

High-performance loader

The A300 loader offers all-wheel steer and skidsteer drive, has a vertical lift path, and has a 3000-pound rated operation capacity. The product comes standard with two-speed transmission; top speed is 12.4 mph in high range, 7 mph in low range, and 4 mph in the high torque “inching” mode. It has an 81-hp diesel engine and an operating weight of 8350 pounds. Its turning circle diameter is 23 feet. Bobcat Co., an Ingersoll-Rand Co. APWA Booth 2250. www.pwmag.com/05sept4.

Diverse metal pipe

The Ultra Flo pipe has exterior box corrugations that allow hydraulic flow-equivalent to concrete pipes. In addition, it provides structural properties needed to manage HS 20 and HS 25 vehicular loadings. The product is available in diameters ranging from 18 to 102 inches. Contech Construction Products Inc. APWA Booth 2203. www.pwmag.com/05sept5.

Lasting storm drain markers

These 3-D embossed, 4-inch discs remain legible for 30 years, with a material choice of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or anodized aluminum. The product can be installed with or without adhesives in any weather condition. The markers can be used on roadway, side-walk, curb, storm drain casing, or grate. Green, red, blue, black, or a custom color are available. Almetek Industries Inc. APWA Booth 1409. www.pwmag.com/05sept6.

Hydraulic broom drive sweeper

The MS/MT350 sweeper is mounted on a commercially available truck chassis with dual steering controls and operating positions. The product features a 60-gallon fuel system, single or twin engine, 4.4-cubic-yard hopper capacity, direct hydraulic broom drive, centralized service systems locker, variable height debris dumping system, and an “ergo” switch that permits one-button operation for all sweeping functions. Johnston Madvac Inc. APWA Booth 622. www.pwmag.com/05sept7.

Versatile materials shredder

The B-2060 line of twin shaft, low-speed, high-torque shredding machines is diesel or electric powered. The low-speed rotating twin shafts and high torque almost eliminate vibration and dust. The product can process mixed construction and demolition, industrial, and green waste, and concrete with rebar. The B-2060 can process up to 300 tons per hour. Badger Shredding Products Inc. APWA Booth 539. www.pwmag.com/05sept8.

Automated entry systems

These entry systems that automate and streamline the waste receiving process are suitable for applications like land-fills, transfer stations, recycling facilities, and wastewater plants. The entry stations can measure the amount of waste retrieved or delivered. Each also includes a security camera and “vehicle present” ultrasonic sensor. Automated Access Solutions, a division of PDQ Manufacturing Inc. APWA Booth 1908. www.pwmag.com/05sept9.

Radar system

UtilityScan is a self-contained, ground-penetrating radar system used to locate metallic and nonmetallic subsurface utilities. A digital control unit is at its core. The product is compatible with the G-30L compact GPS receiver/data logger, offered as an accessory to UtilityScan. The high-definition, full-color screen is easy to read in daylight. Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. APWA Booth 320. www.pwmag.com/05sept10.