Driver replacement video: (PRNewsFoto/Aleddra)
Driver replacement video: (PRNewsFoto/Aleddra)

Aleddra's EasiRetrofit LED tube is known to be the safest LED tube on the market. Its double-end wiring supports both shunted and non-shunted sockets, thus saving 50-70% installation time and labor costs when compared to the everyday single-end LED tubes that are common. By removing the ballast, the ongoing maintenance costs for ballast are no longer a concern. In addition, EasiRetrofit tube's energy consumption is much lower than that of the new ballast-compatible tubes that are appearing on the market. Moreover, the new EasiRetrofit G3 tube has a field-replaceable driver that doubles the lifetime of the tube to 10+ years. This patented feature saves on the cost of buying a new tube, and addresses the trouble associated with disposing the LED tube after 5 years. With an optional extended guarantee program, Aleddra will provide replacement drivers to the customer.

Several lighting industry heavyweights have recently taken the path of promoting ballast compatible LED tubes for direct linear fluorescent lamp replacement. On the surface, this option may seem appealing. However, a closer look at this approach reveals some significant hidden costs down the road. Here is a side-by-side comparison of Aleddra EasiRetrofit G3 tube versus the ballast compatible tube over a 10-year period (assuming 5-years on tube, driver, and ballast for simplicity):

Cost Aleddra EasiRetrofit G3 Tube Ballast Compatible Tube
Material 1x lamp purchase
1x driver purchase (1/3 tube cost) 2x lamp purchase
2x ballast purchase
Labor 1x ballast removal & tube install. by electrician
1x tube spot replacement 1x tube installation
1x tube spot replacement
2x ballast spot replacement by electrician
Extra energy consumption None 10-year energy consumption on ballast

Note that 1) an electrician's service rate is much higher than that of a general maintenance person, 2) the combined cost of all spot replacements is much higher than undertaking one-time change-over, and 3) replacement driver is 1/3 the cost of a tube. It is evident that over 10 years of operation, the user would end up spending nearly twice the money for using the ballast compatible tube versus the EasiRetrofit G3 tube. Moreover, the ballast compatible tube is only available in 4-ft lengths, and there are limited color choices. EasiRetrofit G3 tube is available in 2-ft and 4-ft in a variety of color choices. Aleddra will launch a line of T8 U-bend and T5 tubes in Q4, thus providing one-stop offer on retrofitting all linear fluorescent tube lamps. Aleddra products are UL 1598C classified for both U.S. and Canada, and have met DLC linear tube specifications for utility rebates. Click here for EasiRetrofit G3 specification.

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