CDM attained a 2004 National Design-Build Award for its work at the Gilbert and Mosley project in Wichita, Kan., a wastewater treatment facility and education center. Photo: CDM

The Design-Build Institute of America has recognized CDM, Cambridge, Mass., with a National Design-Build Award in the “water under $ 15 million” project category. The award, given for the company's Gilbert and Mosley project in Wichita, Kan., commends the project's unique groundwater contamination solution—delivered on a design-build basis—that provides significant resources for environmental education and promotes economic development in Wichita.

The Gilbert and Mosley project site encompasses more than 3800 acres and contains a portion of the city's downtown. The groundwater beneath the site is contaminated with chlorinated solvents and other compounds, threatening health, the environment, and economic development in the area.

Through an innovative approach that established alternate cleanup levels, the project helped reduce the volume of groundwater requiring treatment by 40%, saving the city of Wichita an estimated $8 million over initial cost projections. The groundwater treatment system—which CDM designed, built, and operated during its first year—treats more than 1.2 mgd of contaminated groundwater; the treated water is reused in fountains, aquariums, and other features in the new environmental education center. The project protects citizens' health and has promoted more than $300 million worth of economic development to date.

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