Pumps for liquid deicing

The company offers a wide variety of gas-engine and hydraulic-motor-driven centrifugal pumps for liquid deicing applications. The products are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and they are designed to provide a maximum degree of reliability and ease of maintenance. Ace Pump Corp. www.acepump.com..


The RDX110 snowblower has a 110-inch-wide side eject drum, and a 38-inch five-paddle fan. The worm-gear-driven rotating drum ejects snow from the left, right, or through the center chute. The heavy-duty plastic fan housing prevents freezing, and a reinforced 23-inch bottom auger ensures that hard chunks of ice and snow are easily fed into the fan. Schulte Industries Ltd. www.schulte.ca..

Electric salt spreader

The TC-160 Lightning salt spreader fits under the tailgate of a 1-ton dump truck and is powered by the vehicle's electrical system. The ¾-hp auger drive spreads 15,000 lbs. of bulk material per hour. The product is made of durable structural aluminum and stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. The bolt-on kit can be installed in approximately eight hours. TruckCraft Corp. www.truckcraft.com..

Plow lights

Nighthawk plow lights enable vehicle operators to see above the top of the blade. The halogen lights (with 1500-hour bulbs) feature two-stud mounting to reduce shock and vibration. The reflector optics provide a smooth, wide-beam pattern, and the adhesive-bonded lens seals out moisture. Western Snowplow Products. www.westernplows.com..

Tall V plow

The Super-V plow is 30 inches tall, has a 70-degree attack angle, and comes in widths of 8½ and 9½ feet. The bottom-trip design holds most of its load if the blade encounters an obstruction, and it allows the plow to trip regardless of how the wings are configured. Double-acting cylinders hold the plow wings in place. Meyer Products LLC. www.meyerproducts.com..

Snow pusher attachment

This pusher attaches on many of the company's compact machines, including skidsteers, track loaders, and utility work vehicles. Choose from two widths: 94 or 120 inches. The free-floating blade lets the pusher follow ground contours. Other features include abrasion-resistant skid shoes, rubber cutting edge, rear cutting-edge support, and quick-attach capability. Bobcat, an Ingersoll Rand Co. www.bobcat.com..

Spreader hopper vibrator

The Sandbuster DC-60 spreader hopper vibrator is geared for tail-gate spreaders with capacities of up to 1 cu. yd. The unit's injection-molded plastic housing is more corrosion-resistant and less expensive than traditional steel or cast-iron housings. It keeps material flowing consistently and avoids clogs, increasing crew safety by keeping them in the vehicle cab. VIBCO Inc. www.vibco.com..

Meteorological service

WeatherCommand offers a range of meteorological services for municipalities, construction firms, and others interested in predicting weather. Services include snow and ice warnings, pavement temperature forecasts, and use of non-invasive pavement sensors to monitor conditions. Murray and Trettel Inc. www.weathercommand.com..

Non-invasive pavement sensors

Spectro and Cyclo road sensors use laser and infrared sensors—instead of invasive buried sensors—to monitor road surface condition and temperature. The devices can sense ice, snow, and water film thickness, temperature, and surface friction. Either can be mounted easily on a light pole or other convenient structure, and both offer a solar-power option. Vaisala. www.vaisala.com..

Anti-ice overlay

SafeLane is a pavement overlay that prevents icing and skids. The product, applied to concrete or asphalt pavement, protects vehicle traffic by blocking frost and ice formation before it begins. In addition, the overlay seals roadbeds to prevent degradation. Cargill SafeLane. www.cargillsafelane.com..

Snow poles

These marking devices are used to alert plow drivers to the location of fixed objects such as guardrails and curbs. The plastic-alloy products are less expensive and more durable than other materials, such as fiberglass, wood, bamboo, or plastic pipe. The poles come in several high-visibility colors, including fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, red, and blue. Filtrona Extrusion. www.davidsontraffic.com..