We serve city, county, special district, township, and state government managers whose departments provide any service related to infrastructure. Their work must meet ever-changing federal environmental regulations while competing with “sexier” taxpayer-funded services, like police and fire, for funding.

The average resident in a developed country like the United States takes public works for granted even though the assets our audience oversees represent the community’s largest investment. We help these men and women champion their teams’ contribution to quality of life and invest their limited resources most effectively.

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We do NOT cover:

  • Electric, natural gas, or telecommunications utilities
  • New employees and/or promotions
  • Company mergers/acquisitions
  • Case studies published on a company’s website.

There are several ways you or your client may contribute to this effort.

INNOVATIVE PROJECTS. 1,200 to 1,800 words. The article must:

  • Be exclusive (contributors must sign an author's agreement).
  • Explain how the project solved a unique operational or regulatory issue, providing the background and technical details our engineering and managerial audience needs to decide if the solution could work for their operation.
  • Provide high-resolution (300 dpi JPG or TIF) photos, charts, graphs, and other appropriate graphics with detailed captions
  • Explain costs and funding sources
  • List products (manufacturer/make/model) and services (engineering, contracting, or other consulting firm)
  • Include author email, telephone number, and social media links including Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn groups whenever applicable.

General Policies and Procedures
Deadlines vary according to the material. Features usually due two months before publication; thus, an article for the March issue must be written and approved by Jan. 1. Though we will make every effort to, we cannot guarantee a story will run in a given issue.

We receive a high volume of proposals. We don't use every article pitched for the magazine, but we may share them via our Web site or weekly e-newsletter. If an article applies to another Hanley Wood Business Media brand, we may pass the proposal on.

Contributors automatically receive a copy of the issue in which their article appears.

E-mail a 250-word summary of what challenges the project addressed and how, the availability and content of photos or other graphic elements, and information about the author to:
Stephanie Johnston, editor in chief

The following are a few examples of submissions we've published:

Drinking water collection and treatment
Groundwater project is at the forefront of water purification

Erosion control
After Florida hurricanes, a partnership restores county's canal system

Parks & recreation
Converting a landfill into a community park

Pavement design, construction, and maintenance
Crushed glass makes solid roads: Concrete-slurry recycling system reaps benefits

Roadside and grounds maintenance
North Carolina DOT saves more than $1 million while beautifying highways

Solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling
Local governments conduct audits to ensure they're getting their due from franchisees

Stormwater collection and control
Drainwells put to the test by hurricanes

Cell phone-based software-as-a-service helps a wastewater utility halve its capital budget

Traffic control and lighting
Transportation managers break gridlock in the nation's ninth-largest metropolitan area

Wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse
Reducing discharge loads while seeking to refine instream standards

We cover all subjects all the time, but please feel free to review our editorial calendar.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, which is why we don’t publish information that comes to us without a high-resolution (i.e., 300 dpi) .jpg or .tif photograph or illustration that’s at least 3 x 5 inches.

We do NOT publish logos or brochures.

Include full company name; U.S. Postal Service mailing address; Web site address; name, telephone number, and e-mail address of someone we can contact for additional information; and a 150-word description of the benefits and capabilities vis-à-vis competitive offerings.

Products are selected based on relevance, and may be included in a special product focus in a particular month.

Send to:
Victoria K. Sicaras

Custom made, prices vary. For quotations, contact:

Nick Lademarco
Wrights Media
877-652-5295, ext. 102

Stephanie Johnston, editor in chief

Each year, we publish a 13th issue that lists companies and services available in 14 infrastructure categories (see list below). As the industry's most comprehensive research manual, each category includes at least one bylined “tutorial” article that provides detailed insight into how a process, regulation, or technology works.

These are not case studies or product stories; they are nonbiased and noncommercial, with company information appearing only in the byline and photo credits.

Because these contributed articles are exclusive to PUBLIC WORKS, authors must sign an agreement releasing full publishing rights to our parent company, Hanley Wood Business Media. Proposals must include:

  • Explanation of topic’s relevance to infrastructure managers
  • Details about photos and/or illustrations (all images must be high-resolution (i.e., 300 dpi) .jpg or .tif files of at least 3 x 5 inches)
  • The anticipated length (500 to 1,500 words, in 250-word increments if possible)
  • Background about the author and company
  • Proposed category or categories
    • Bridges & Culverts
    • Construction Equipment
    • Erosion Control
    • Fleets, Trucks & Accessories
    • General Operations
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Pavement Construction & Maintenance
    • Pipe Installation, Maintenance & Rehabilitation
    • Roadside Grounds & Maintenance
    • Snow & Ice Control
    • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
    • Surveying & Mapping
    • Traffic Control & Lighting
    • Water/Wastewater/Stormwater

We’re already filling slots for the 2013 Public Works Manual. We accept articles on an as-needed basis, so the earlier you respond, the better your chances of being included.

Send to:
Stephanie Johnston, editor in chief

For your reference, here are some previously accepted articles: