Parking-structure managers are concerned about the maintenance and durability of their facilities, according to a recent survey. Photo: Structural Group
Expected lifetime of new parking structuresAccording to a recent survey by Baltimore-based Structural Group, parking-structure managers place durability at the top of their concerns. Respondents' expectancy of the lifespan of a structure varied. Source: Structural Group

A survey of parking professionals revealed that facility managers are most concerned about maintenance and durability of their parking structures.

According to the study, owners and managers are increasingly becoming aware of the condition of their parking structures and of the potential impact that deterioration may have over time. Survey topics include design/construction of new parking facilities; maintenance and repair for existing facilities: trends in design, construction, and/or renovation of parking facilities; complaints about the condition of parking structures; preventative maintenance plans and budgets; facility life expectancy; driving forces in selecting a structural system; inspection budget and habits; and maintenance dollars related to operating budget and overall revenue.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly 45% of respondents engage in regular facility inspections twice a year, while 40% inspect on a yearly basis, and 5% every other year. The other 10% accounts for people who inspect either once every five years (3%) or never (7%).
  • Approximately 35% of maintenance dollars are spent on annual maintenance, 33% to preventive maintenance and inspection, and 32% to reactive repairs. Only 7% of maintenance dollars are spent on architectural enhancements.
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