Versatile hooklifts

The Flex36 series of hooklifts offer a hook height of 36 inches and a high degree of flexibility. They can be pressure-adjusted to accommodate lifting capacities from 9000 to 16,000 pounds. Each unit can last for the life of two or three chassis, and each can be removed and remounted on another chassis with a simple pressure adjustment. Other features include automotive-quality paint, patented dump/tab feature, resettable tabs, and stainless-steel pins. Stellar Industries Inc.

Blower package

Robox Evolution is a compact package that includes a blower, inlet silencer, filter element, outlet silencer, drive, electric motor, and noise enclosure. It features an integrated compression unit for conveying gas at low pressure, based on the volumetric three-lobe blower, which is driven by an electric motor with a special belt transmission. The quiet, high-performance blower is oil lubricated and has a capacity of 140 to 6180 cubic feet per minute. Maintenance can be carried out by removing the front panel and/or opening the top panel supported by gas springs. Robuschi USA.

Fluidic oscillation meter

The SM700 offers two battery options: a replaceable battery that provides up to 10 additional years of use, or an encapsulated battery that provides superior performance in submersed pits or other underwater applications. The meter has a potted liquid crystal display register, and with no moving parts, it is not plagued by wear caused by sand and grit, or subsequent accuracy problems that are caused by sand and grit. It is available as either a basic visual-read model or in a fully adaptive multi-rate enabled format, with inductive pads and radio attachments through the encoded meter version. Severn Trent Services.

Clear concrete sealer

PolyMax PM400 clear concrete sealer protects concrete from chemical spills, gas, oil, and solvents, while providing a cleanable, dustproof surface. This breathable epoxy coating is ideal for both forklift and foot traffic, on or below grade. It is resistant to blistering, peeling, and delamination due to moisture vapor emissions up to 10 pounds. It can be applied easily with a roller. Cass Polymers Inc.

Grader/dozer automation

Based on the industry-standard controller area network interface and using WinXP, GradeStar V5.0 software provides machine automation for graders and dozers. It streamlines projects by allowing the user to view, check, and analyze the jobsite before starting the grading operation. System indicators can be activated and sensors switched with a touch of a button, while a live moving map guides operations. Leica Geosystems Inc.

Hydraulic compactor attachments

Made for soil compaction projects, the HC 409 and HC 920 hydraulic compactor attachments can also drive and extract sheeting and posts. Accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 20 gallons per minute at 2200 psi, the HC 409 delivers an 8000-pound impulse force and 2100 cycles per minute. With a 16,000-pound impulse force, the HC 920 delivers 2200 cycles per minute with a 30-gallon hydraulic flow per minute. Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.

Roller levels for skidsteers

With the Worksite Pro RL66 and RL84 roller levels, skidsteer operators can grade, level, and contour with ease. The attachments consist of a box blade with a roller level that can do landscaping and site preparatory work without hydraulics. The cutting edge of the roller level shaves the surface of the soil without disturbing the sub soil. John Deere Construction & Forestry Division.

Cordless fastening driver

The 18-V Impactor fastening driver offers one of the highest torques in its class. It delivers 1350 inch-pounds of torque and 2800 rpm. The powerful hammer and anvil system will not kick back. Features include a soft grip, optimal balance and ergonomics, and sensitive variable-speed trigger. It comes with two of the company's Bluecore NiCad batteries and a 30-minute, single-bay charger. Bosch Power Tools & Accessories.

Reduced-vibration compactors

The MVC-80 Series vibratory plate compactors are equipped with an anti-vibration handle, so vibration is reduced by half when compared to previous models. This means operators can be more productive while experiencing less fatigue. With a centrifugal force of 2925 pounds, these compactors are suited to compacting granular soils and asphalt. At maximum speed, they can compact up to 72 feet of material per minute. Multiquip Inc.

Simple line location

The NaviTrack II features several enhancements, including a large, high-definition LCD mapping display and a balanced handle that allows accurate one-handed operation of the keypad. With this unit, locating underground pipes, cables, utility lines, remote transmitters, and pipe inspection cameras is fast and easy. The locator guides even inexperienced operators to the exact location of the target. Ridgid Tool Co.

Segmental retaining wall unit

With an 8x24-inch face dimension, the 133Elite creates a large-scale look for larger walls while also reducing the number of units required to complete a job. Plus, each unit weighs about 95 pounds, so it can be installed by one person. The size, combined with variety of color and texture options, helps meet a variety of design requirements—from corners to sweeping curves. Keystone Retaining Wall Systems Inc.

Acrylic adhesive cartridge

The A7-10 acrylic adhesive cartridge is designed for small jobs requiring a fast-curing adhesive anchor. Its benefits include quick dispensing, all-weather use, and easy cleanup. To install, drill and clean a hole, insert the nozzle into the bottom of the hole and fill to half of the hole depth. Then, insert the selected rod and slowly rotate by hand into the bottom of the hole, and tighten after cure time. ITW Ramset/Red Head.