Advanced RO system

These reverse osmosis (RO) systems offer cost-effective nitrate removal, desalting, and production of high-quality process water. The products remove up to 99% of dissolved salts, total organic carbon, and silica from the water supply, increasing ion-exchanger throughput and dramatically extending the time between bed regenerations. Also, the reductions in chemical consumption and regenerant wastes decrease operating costs. The company offers trailer- and skid- mounted systems for both temporary contracts and permanent use. Ionics Inc. 21.

Innovative pulsation dampener

The CPVC Revolution pulsation dampener offers a higher temperature rating (180° F) than the previous PVC model; it also features chemical resistance capabilities that equal or surpass the older version. The system has threaded housings, rather than metal fasteners, which make it nearly impervious to the damaging effects of a corrosive environment. Blacoh Fluid Control. 22.

GPS for excavators

The updated SiteVision global positioning system (GPS) enhances the performance of excavators with tilt-bucket attachments. It uses dual GPS antennas to compute the position of the machine blade or bucket. An onboard computer determines the position of each tip of the attachment, compares the positions to a design elevation, then computes the cut or fill to grade. Information is shown on the in-cab screen, and the cut/fill data is used to drive the valves for automatic blade control, or passed to the system's lightbars, which guide the operator up or down for grade, and right or left of a defined alignment. Trimble Inc. 23.

Automated arm

The Python automated arm creates elliptical motion when lifting and dumping, resulting in smooth operation, clean dumping, fast cycle times, and none of the banging and shaking commonly associated with other lifts. The faster lift cycle can save an hour or more per day, leading to significant annual cost savings. An enclosed oilbath gearbox virtually eliminates grabber gear wear. The arm can handle carts from 30 to 300 gallons. Operators use simple, easy-to-maintain air controls to manipulate the unit. It can be mounted on a number of the company's refuse-collection vehicles. Heil Environmental. Circle 24.

Stator re-tensioning device

The company's stator re-tensioning device is designed to dramatically increase stator longevity, important in abrasive applications. It consists of an adjustable stainless-steel sleeve, with an internal rubber lining and a series of adjusting bolts. Depending on stator size, adjustable bolts can be on one or both sides of the longitudinally slotted stator to permit adjustment of the tube circumference. The design helps maintain compression evenly along the circumference of the mating rotor and stator. It saves money, reduces replacement expenses, and eliminates downtime. Seepex Inc. 25.

Flexible total stations

TPS800 total stations are fast, easy to learn to use, accurate, flexible, and optimized for field usage. The standard TC800 models provide extended-range electronic distance measuring up to 3000 meters using an infrared laser beam with prisms or reflective targets. The TCR800 models also offer reflectorless measurements up to 200 meters under good light and target visibility conditions using a visible red laser beam. Each of the stations comes in three levels of accuracy, with ranges up to 12.7 cm. Onboard software improves efficiency of gathering and processing data. Leica Geosystems Inc. 26.

Rugged street sweeper

The MS/MT350 is a rugged machine mounted on a commercially available truck chassis. The sweeper has dual steering controls and operating positions, delivering favorable maneuverability. Features include a 60-gallon fuel system, single- or twin-engine configurations, 4.4-cubic-yard hopper capacity, direct hydraulic broom drive, and centralized service systems locker. It also has a variable-height debris dumping system, and an “ergo” switch that permits single-button operation for all sweeping functions. Johnston Madvac Inc. 27.

Field-erected wastewater treatment

BIO-PLUS field-erected treatment systems offer optimized engineering that combines technical knowledge, manufacturing, and installation capabilities to provide high-efficiency, cost-effective wastewater processing. A range of biological treatment options are offered, including activated sludge technologies, biological nutrient removal, and sequencing batch reactor systems. The products also can be provided with tertiary filtration and disinfection options. Ashbrook Simon-Hartley. 28.