Convertible skidsteer

The Loegering Versatile Track system allows you to operate your skidsteer with tires or as a full rubber track undercarriage, depending on your need. Converting your skidsteer into a compact track loader takes less than an hour. The machine still has a smooth ride and excellent traction, with increased power. An independent bi-directional torsion suspension provides better operator comfort, with more traction and stability. The VTS is available on a variety of machines, with wheelbases from 42 to 51 inches. Loegering Mfg., World of Concrete Booth C7666. 11.


The X-5000 paver saw can cut a 4-inch deep, dry, ultra-early entry cut. No other saw in the industry can cut this deep, this soon in the finishing process. It is also ideal for ultra-thin whitetopping projects. Other features include dual pivoting headlights for nighttime work, a parking brake, a rear storage compartment, and a lever-operated direct gear drive. Soff-Cut International, World of Concrete Booth C6241. 12.

CONCRETE-MAKING MATERIALSImproved strength and rheology

Tercem 3000 is a hydraulic cement containing a blend of silica fume, ground granulated blast furnace slag, and portland cement that is ideal when concrete requires additional strength and durability, as well as superior placing and finishing qualities. It provides significant performance benefits, including improved 28-day strengths, reduced permeability, improved rheology and pumpability of concrete, reduced concrete bleeding, ASR reduction, and improved hot weather performance. It can be used in vertical applications and flatwork, including walls, bridges, roadways, and flooring. Lafarge North America, World of Concrete Booth N837. 13. Circle 13.

Long-lasting protection

Moistop Ultra 15 is a Class A underslab vapor retarder with a low water vapor permeance and high tensile strength. It is made from polyolefin film. With a water vapor permeance of 0.029, it is designed to deliver long-lasting protection at a low installation cost. It is also resistant to chemical and environmental attack. Accessories include Moistop Tape and the Boot, for sealing around pipes and conduit. Fortifiber Building Systems, World of Concrete Booth N1463. 14.

CONCRETE SUPPLIESMulti-layered membranes

Monarflex ground membranes, a line of specialty construction membranes used for niche applications, offer reliable protection against moisture, vapors, and gases. Made with a high-quality, low-density polyethylene material, they are strong and durable. The multiple layers provide long-lasting protection. Carlisle Coating & Waterproofing, World of Concrete Booth S10137. 15. Circle 15.

New concrete anchor

The MB Slam Anchor is a large-diameter anchor for embedment in concrete. The anchor is expanded by a wedge that is engaged by a setting rod driven down the center of the hollowed bolt. This method provides greater strength, safer installation, and quicker assembly. Meadow Burke Products, World of Concrete Booth N2625. 16.

FORMWORK & FORMING PRODUCTSConcrete curing solution

The Topper is a patent-pending solution for covering and curing formed concrete. Made of laminated layers of PolyPop and sealed between woven poly, the product bends, twists, and curves around wall forms and insulated concrete forms without absorbing air. It is convenient to use again and again; it can be handled by only one person. The product comes in tailored widths of 12, 18, 24, or 36 inches, while larger, 6-foot widths are available for larger ground heating jobs. NTI Global, World of Concrete Booth N1459. 17.

Traffic sign accessories

BriteSide reflective panels and vertical message centers are suitable for use in traffic areas of special concern. The products maximize visual impact to increase safety, keep traffic moving smoothly, improve emergency response, and increase driver awareness. They incorporate reflective sheeting material, adhered to extruded polyvinyl coated panels and strips. The color and type of sheeting materials used typically matches the sign itself. Panels are installed in seconds on signposts. Lordon Inc. 18.

Asphalt batch control

The AB5OOPremium asphalt batch control system includes integrated software and hardware components to automate the batching and discharge process. It conforms to current state regulatory requirements and comes in two-, three-, and four-scale configurations. Improvements over previous models include a more compact, cleaner enclosure; more accurate bin pulls; fewer jogs; and shorter batching times. Networking maximizes communication reliability, and its rugged construction reduces heat, maintenance requirements, and downtime. Also, built-in calibration software speeds installation and plant tuning: overnight and weekend installs are available. BMG Seltec. 19.

Low-cost debris removal

The truck-mounted VSK100G Pick-up VaXcavator is easy to operate, easily fits into the back of a pickup truck, and fits a range of applications. Features include a dual-position air filtration system, making it suitable for dry work. The cyclone separator can be placed after the collection tank for wet or most dry applications, and when used on light debris, the separator can be moved easily to the top of the tank. It also has a full-opening tank door with quick-lock enclosure, low-water shutoff, vacuum shutdown, 575 cfm positive-displacement vacuum blower, 100-gallon collection tank, and high-pressure water system. McLaughlin Boring Systems. 20.