Credit: Photo: Raven Technology

Duncan Wood, Raven Technology's chief engineer, inspects one of the company's under-hood generators.
Hydraulic or belted units save space

Manufacturers of hydraulic- and belt-driven generators say they require less space than traditional generators with dedicated engines. Plus, hydraulic and belted units require little or no maintenance, don't need a separate fuel supply, and don't require a second emissions control system.

“The beauty of the belt- or hydraulic-driven generator is that you don't have to run a second engine,” says Bob Fury, president of Fabco Power, a generator supplier.

A typical hydraulic generator is about 28 inches long by 12 inches high by 8 inches wide and “looks like a giant breadbox,” says Fury. It can be mounted on the truck chassis, in a compartment inside or at the rear of the vehicle, or on the roof of the cab.