Credit: Photo: Kenworth Truck Co.

Ready-mix trucks—including vehicles from Flushing, N.Y.-based Ferrara Bros. Building Materials Corp.—will deliver 300 to 1000 cubic yards of specialized concrete a day to the site of New York City's third water tunnel, which began construction in February.

The Big Apple started a big project in February—construction of a third New York City water tunnel. Construction on the water tunnels—which will provide potable water to four of New York City's boroughs—began in the 1960s and is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The third tunnel will enable crews to inspect and perform maintenance work on the two existing tunnels, which opened in 1917 and 1936, respectively. The third-tunnel construction is an ambitious project. For example, ready-mix trucks are expected to deliver 300 to 1000 cubic yards of concrete per day over the next two years.