• “We’ve tried alternatives and been shut down by our funding sources.”
  • “I don’t like [public-private partnership] at all: poor control of public funds.”
  • “Each has its place. Ninety to 95% of our work is done through traditional design-bid-build process. We plan to expand our use of job-order contracting to allow for faster renewal/replacement while maintaining control of costs and quality.”
  • “[Construction manager/general contractor and construction manager at risk] can be more expensive.”
  • “The outcome [of design-build] was not what we wished it would be.”
  • “Our large number of diverse projects of small scope, with their relatively low cost and simplicity, has rendered design-build, public-private partnerships, and construction manager impractical for us. It’s as much trouble for our experienced staff to scope, estimate, write statements of work, and go through our required (and cumbersome) competitive proposal process, as it is to just design them.”
  • “We can use alternative project-delivery methods, but choose not to.”