Take that, taggers!


Though it was introduced just last year, at least one customer — Trevor G. Browne High School in Phoenix — has reordered this clear coating that keeps paint, permanent marker, and stickers from adhering to concrete, masonry, stucco, and metal.

“Taggers became discouraged at the way the ink bubbles up and runs when they tried to take sharpies to the stalls in our demonstration bathroom,” the principal reports. “They shifted their vandalism with a vengeance to neighboring bathrooms. It's important for us to make the purchase so we can start coating the rest of the bathrooms on campus.”

Though free of volatile organic compounds, the coating also isn't water-based. Instead, the two-component formula is based on highly siliconized modified urethane. The urethane keeps the sun's ultraviolet rays from blistering or yellowing the coating and, when combined with silicone, produces a hybrid polymer that's both extremely strong and nonporous.

One gallon of the solution, which can be sprayed or rolled on, covers 600 square feet. Though it takes 48 hours to completely dry, the formula provides graffiti protection after 12 hours.

Product: Kretus Graffiti Shield
Manufacturer: Quest Building Products
Headquarters: Anaheim, Calif.