The quest to lower lighting costs continues ...


We attribute your profound interest in these two LED parking garage luminaires to the lingering effects of the Great Recession.

Yes, the technology requires a greater upfront investment than fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide solutions. (As does induction, which you're beginning to explore for street-lighting applications.) But the energy efficiency and minimal maintenance needs of light-emitting diodes may be justifying the expenditure for government agencies trying to maintain a community's quality of life with fewer employees.

“Made in the USA” doesn't hurt, either.

  • The first luminaire can be surface-mounted or, as illustrated in the photo above from Milwaukee Area Technical College, pendant-mounted within a recessed ceiling. A two-level dimming option conserves energy further.
  • Product: 304 Series
    Manufacturer: BetaLED, a div. of Ruud Lighting
    Headquarters: Sturtevant, Wis.

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  • The watertight Aurora Series LED luminaire mounts flush to ceilings without supports and can be hosed clean of dirt and grime without harm. Albuquerque Public Schools in New Mexico replaced 150 W, high-pressure sodium lights in an underground parking garage with these 48 W LED luminaires.
  • Product: Aurora Series
    Manufacturer: Beacon Products LLC
    Headquarters: Bradenton, Fla.