Riser alternative saves streets and landfill space


Apparently we’re not the only ones impressed by the manufacturer’s five-year “Life of the Pavement Guarantee:” This alternative to a traditional manhole riser has been specified by customers in 26 states and Canada.

Ideal for gaps of less than 1 inch, the Road Smoothie attaches to the top of manholes, water meters, or other below grade frames to elevate the structure to road or sidewalk level. Made of neoprene rubber and recycled tires, it’s less noisy than metal riser rings; doesn’t warp, lowering the potential for inflow and infiltration; is gentler on tires; and costs less than $200 to install.

One person can install a Road Smoothie in less than 10 minutes using standard bolts or adhesive. It attaches directly to the manhole lid, so nothing has to be excavated. Drill it for ventilation or pick access anywhere and as many times as needed. You can even put a logo on it, which opens up revenue opportunities.

According to the manufacturer, the product is approved by the U.S. DOT.


Product: Road Smoothie
Manufacturer: Road Smoothie LLC
Headquarters: West Jordan, Utah