Safely carry a ladder (and other tools) for less than $20


Supposedly, half the 225,000 accidents related to ladder mishandling every year require a trip to the nearest emergency room. We suspect that keeping employees off medical leave is one reason this product resonated with you.

The ergonomic method for moving step and extension ladders from place to place also caught the attention of the National Safety Advisory Council (2011 Top Safety Innovator Award) and National Hardware Show attendees (2011 Best Overall Product).

The design's rather ingenious: a textured-rubber grip attached to a stainless steel bar that has a strap on each end. The bar (or “support rail,” as the manufacturer calls it) evenly distributes the ladder's weight. Strap the handle to the ladder and wrap each strap around both sections of the ladder to hold them together during transit. Done!

If you want both hands free to carry other things, each strap has a D-ring to which the company's $14.95 shoulder strap can be attached.

The handle fits fiberglass, wood, and aluminum ladders and meets OSHA requirements.

Product: Strap-‘n-Go
Manufacturer: IQpod LLC
Headquarters: Los Gatos, Calif.