Missouri DOT director Pete Rahn, left, and Gov. Matt Blunt inspect one of the 10,000 bridges that may be targeted for an upgrade under a statewide, $600 million improvement plan. Photo: MoDOT

The Missouri DOT (MoDOT) has launched an ambitious bridge rehabilitation plan to repair and replace hundreds of troubled structures by 2012.

The Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Plan has targeted 800 bridges. The goal: to find a single contractor that can design and execute the bridge upgrades, then maintain the bridges for the next 25 years.

“There are more than 10,000 bridges on Missouri's state highway system, and too many of them need work,” says MoDOT director Pete Rahn. “We need to do something dramatic to get them in good shape quickly.”

MoDOT's first step is to target the 800 bridges most in need of repair, then accept bids and select a winner by the summer of 2007. The cost is expected to reach up to $600 million. Visit