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    What types of public works projects did the AEC firm complete for your department?Although SAFETEA-LU monies did not trickle down to many city or municipal departments, road and bridge construction once again weighed in as the most projects completed. Source: PUBLIC WORKS
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    At what level did the AEC firms you hired work on public works projects?Projects completed in 2005 certainly varied in size. The largest number (29%) cost more than $1 million, while the next-most-frequent answer was less than $100,000 (13%). Source: PUBLIC WORKS

To learn more about the relationship between public works departments and AEC firms, the editors gathered data two ways. First, we asked AEC firms about the services they offer, the number of and revenue from public works projects they completed in 2005, and the scope of their work.

Then we asked readers about their relationship with these firms. In comparing these responses to last year's, we learned that not much has changed. Of the more than 1100 responses, many of the answers were nearly equivalent to the 2005 data (see chart below).

Like last year, our goal was to give you the top 100 AEC firms in public works. Instead of giving you partial data about 100 firms, however, we felt it would be more useful for you to have complete data about 50 firms.

This list, though not comprehensive, will give you a good start when researching firms that complete projects in various technical areas. Since most public works departments (60%) completed up to 20 projects in 2005, we anticipate that number will remain the same in 2006—and that you'll still rely on AEC firms to help.