Recently approved legislation that's expected to turn old shingles into 5 to 8 tons of hot-mix asphalt could save Illinois $8 million annually. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Pat Quinn has approved a plan that allows the Illinois DOT to turn old roofing shingles into asphalt and use the recycled material to pave roads.

“This law will benefit the environment and save the state millions of dollars by expanding our use of recycled materials,” says Quinn.

In addition to allowing the agency to use asphalt made from recycled roofing shingles, the three-part legislation requires mix designs to allow for the use of recycled shingles in specified quantities and allows recycling facilities to count each ton of asphalt they recycle as 2 tons toward their U.S. EPA-mandated recycling quota. The incentive won't cost the state anything and could help create construction-related jobs.