Credit: Photo: Virginia DOT

The reconstructed Woodrow Wilson Bridge greatly reduces traffic congestion for commuters crossing the Potomac River. The project took six years and cost $2.4 billion.

After six years of construction, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge was opened to traffic on June 9. The $2.4 billion project is 7½ miles long and spans the Potomac River, connecting Maryland and Virginia. The original bridge—which was recognized as one of the worst bottlenecks in the country—was completed in 1961, consisted of only four lanes, and was designed to carry 75,000 vehicles per day. Instead, it carried as many as 200,000 vehicles per day. The bridge was redesigned to include 12 lanes and a drawbridge with a 70-foot clearance; four interchanges also were improved. The project was finished on time and under budget, with no serious worker injuries or fatalities. For more information on the project, visit