Credit: Photo: HOBAS Pipe USA

In a recent San Antonio sliplining installation, the flush exterior joint and the high-strength, thin-walled pipe allowed for optimal flow.
Complete Package

HOBAS manufactured fittings for the pushing and receiving shaft locations. The T-base systems were either straight or mitered to fit the alignment of the existing sewer. When possible, fittings were supplied with flush bell and spigot joints that mated to the bell-spigot joints on the adjacent slip-lined reaches. The manufacturer also crafted closure couplings that were used to tie in the fiberglass T-base systems.

Reasons for the pipe's use depend on who was being asked. Design engineers required a time-proven, structural solution that would last for years to come. Installation staff wanted a rugged, versatile liner pipe from a proven manufacturer.

“We chose sliplining with HOBAS pipes because it seemed very user-friendly, and we didn't have to bypass flow,” said Mahan. The gasket-sealed HOBAS pipes allowed installation under live conditions without any disruption to the sewer service.

— Kimberly Paggioli, PE, is marketing manager for HOBAS.