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In the professional world, slide presentation software packages like Powerpoint have become the method of choice for delivering training and information. With all these people creating presentations, you might wonder if we're all just making the same slides for the same topics. And maybe you're thinking, “how could I get my hands on some good slides?” Or perhaps you're looking for ideas to add pizzazz to your own slides. Or maybe you've created an awesome presentation and want to share it beyond the small group of folks to whom you presented. Well wonder and languish no more.

We are going to introduce you to a handy little site called Slideshare — a place where all of us can explore, post, and share slides for presentations. Yes, even Powerpoint has entered the realm of social media. And this little introduction to Slideshare will not only be quick and enjoyable, but will offer a multitude of resources from which you can draw.

Let’s begin by visiting the Slideshare website at Below is a screenshot of this site. Just scrolling down the page will give you an idea about the diverse topics covered by the slides posted on this site. There are usually many covering social media or other computer-related topics. But by using the search function, you can find slideshows about cities, ideas, current/past events, public works, and even slideshows about how to make better slideshows. Some people are also turning their resumes into Powerpoint presentations.Slideshare Website

Over the years, Slideshare has also added features that allow users to enhance their presentations. One of these is the ability to present your slideshow live through the site. By clicking “Zipcast” in the top horizontal menu, you can explore some of the scheduled live presentations.

I know you are anxious to get started, so, you know the drill: Scan the page for the word “Signup” located at the very top in very tiny letters. Clicking this takes you to, of all things, a sign-up page that should look something like the screenshot below:
Slideshare Signup page
While there are paid plans that offer more features, we’re going to stick with the free account. In the sign-up form, fill in your username, email address, and choose a password. Then hurry and click “Sign Up,” after of course verifying you are a human by typing in the text verification box.

Since I already have an account of my own, plus an account for work, I did not choose to make another one for this demonstration. I am guessing that after you clicked “Sign Up,” you were taken to your profile page. I logged into the profile I set up for the Public Works Group so you can see an example of my profile page below:
Public Works Group Slideshare Profile
Slideshare has set up your page so when you first login, you can see a newsfeed of what your friends on Slideshare are up to. Right now, you probably don’t have any items in your feed because you really can’t have made any Slideshare friends if you haven’t been here before. If you click “Public Profile” in the menu on the left, you will see the page that visitors to your profile will see. Here people can view your presentations and even download them if you have set them to be public. But you can also keep your presentations private, allowing only those people whom you choose to view them.

You can post presentations you give at conferences, meetings, or training sessions, and let your audiences know they can access them later on Slideshare. To get your presentation on the site, just click the orange “Upload” button at the top, and Slideshare will walk you through the steps. You can also add audio to your presentation so people can listen to your talk as they view the slides. And finally, you can share your presentation or any other public presentation from Slideshare on your own website. To do this, click the “Embed” button on any presentation and copy and paste to your website the code Slideshare creates.

Our final step here is to click on a presentation and view it. Find one you like on the main page, or use the search function to find one on a topic you are passionate about. If you click on the title, you will find yourself at the main page for that slideshow. The page should look similar to the one below. View the presentation by clicking the little arrows under the picture of the first slide. Off to the side, you will see the kind folks at Slideshare have even suggested a few more presentations that might interest you based on your search terms.

That’s it. You’re done! There are many other areas to the Slideshare site. I leave this for you to explore. And feel free to connect with me through Slideshare by following the Public Works Group Slideshare account!



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