Shown here is the Baghdad water treatment plant under construction in April 2004 using pre-engineered, glass-lined, steel tanks by CST Industries. The reinforced concrete foundations, mechanical equipment, and tank construction are from the local partner, EI Concorde Construction Ltd., Baghdad. Photo: CST Industries Inc.

Your editorial expressed my feelings exactly. As a nation we tend to expect everything to be perfect by our individual standards even if we don't really know what the actual standards should be. The road will never be smooth enough, or the water clean enough, until the bill is directed to those people demanding the improvement. Standards change when the person himself must pay.

After more than 30 years dealing with infrastructure and the public, I've come to realize that the public really is spoiled by the great performances public works professionals turn in on a daily basis.

Remember a ballplayer only has to hit .400 to be a superstar—we must be right every time or be a failure.

Charles Althoff, project engineer, Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineering Division