Credit: Photo: Modec

The Modec Zero Emission Vehicle, sold in the United Kingdom for several years, is entering the U.S. market.

Credit: Photo: mobileDUZ

The Ultimate Field Office converts the space behind seats of extended-cab pickup trucks into a mobile office. Everything can be accessed from the front seats, or, to reach the long (transverse) storage drawer or built-in jack storage, from the truck's rear access doors.

Storage is provided for hanging files and tubes of 48-inch blueprint rolls. An electrical kit provides a 1000 W pure sine wave inverter to power your laptop computer, which fits in a special compartment. The UFO comes with an all-in-one printer/copier scanner. It has a universal upper compartment that fits on a base unit each engineered individually to fit the floor plan of any pickup truck.

These were just some highlights of the 44th annual Work Truck Show. We'll have more innovative products from the show in future issues.

— Paul Abelson is a former director of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations, a board member of Truck Writers of North America, and active in the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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