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Trading Away Pollution

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Let it rain Let it rain

Faced with increasing requirements and costs related to stormwater management, a growing number of public works departments are turning to rain gardens to manage runoff. Whether built and maintained by governments or individuals, rain gardens offer a relatively inexpensive and proven means for treating stormwater and reducing runoff's harmful effects. Read more

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Getting the lead out

Elevated levels of lead in Washington, D.C.'s drinking water became national news in 2004, reviving interest in a public health issue that had largely faded from the media spotlight since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) in 1991. Although most utilities continue to comply with the lead regulations without too much difficulty, others are discovering that changes made to comply with other regulatory requirements can affect lead levels in unforeseen ways. Read moreyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw

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