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Engineering and environmental equilibrium Engineering and environmental equilibrium

River crossing restoration projects are happening all over the country. What many public works departments may not be aware of is that they are not the only entities interested in replacing the infrastructure. Projects like this represent a unique partnership opportunity among local entities, conservation boards, and state and federal agencies—and forging those bonds to pursue them could potentially open previously untapped sources of funding. Read more

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Creative contracting

There's nothing small about the plan known as Better Jacksonville. But the largest, most costly, and potentially most publicly disruptive part of the Better Jacksonville program is the roads improvement portion. Read more

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The cost of e-waste

With the life cycles of electronic equipment shrinking, the pile of junked gear mounting, and attention from regulators rising, e-waste is quickly becoming a highly visible and potentially volatile solid waste issue. Read more

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Project harmony Project harmony

The theme of many stories that apply to the public works arena is that of cooperation. Perhaps the best recent illustration of a story that epitomizes that cooperation is the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast. Read more

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What's next What's next

Jason Meyers, the new editor in chief of PUBLIC WORKS magazine, introduces himself to a new audience. Read more

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