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Trendsetter: Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter Trendsetter: Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

Rapper Jay-Z was honored at the United Nations' Global Leadership Awards Gala for bringing clean water to those in need. Read more

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Trendsetter: Susan Seacrest Trendsetter: Susan Seacrest

In 2007, Susan Seacrest invested $500,000 in the Groundwater Foundation, which today has 5,000 members worldwide. Read more

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Trendsetter: Leonard Phillips Trendsetter: Leonard Phillips

Leonard Phillips' Online Seminars for Municipal Arborists website is almost eight years old and is still free. Read more

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Trendsetter: Boston's Big Dig Trendsetter: Boston's Big Dig

The Big Dig is finally complete and the city has kicked off its latest effort to create a "better city." Read more

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Trendsetter: Chris Finberg Trendsetter: Chris Finberg

Chris Finberg developed a process of treating asphalt with a hydrophobic sand mixture to avert water intrusion. Read more

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