Diana Granitto

Granitto is a freelance writer based in suburban Chicago. E-mail dgranitto@msn.com.

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Busting the Infrastructure Boondoggle Busting the Infrastructure Boondoggle

When it comes to pumping up public works, the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is just a matter of degree. Read more

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A chance to advance A chance to advance

Succession plans usually focus on smooth management-level transitions. To build the best team possible, this agency includes all ranks. Read more

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Protected Intersections Protected Intersections

What happens when a cyclist in a bicycle lane reaches an intersection? The solution is a design that continues the protected bike lane with improved sightlines that guides everyone through seamlessly. Read more

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Protected intersections and MUTCD compliance

Protected intersections fully comply with existing design standards. “The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is about markings and signs,” says Nick Falbo, senior planner for Alta Planning + Design. Read more

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Winning over co-workers and the public Winning over co-workers and the public

Public works is one of the few careers that requires emotional intelligence as well as technical expertise. Six young professionals and a veteran explain how to win over coworkers and the public. Read more

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