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Friends Indeed

In the aftermath of Florida hurricanes, a partnership helps restore Orange County's canal system. Read more

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Holey Success Holey Success

Paving more than 220 miles of dirt roads with porous asphalt keeps traffic in a Florida county moving. Read more

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Taken by storm Taken by storm

On Sept. 4, 2004, Hurricane Frances struck Florida with high-velocity winds and more than 13 inches of rain during the storm's slow passing. Even though replacement of Lake Sherwood drainage well was already in the works, the flooding caused by Hurricane Frances served as a reminder of how urgently a replacement well was needed. Read more

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Pond potential Pond potential

Many areas within Florida's Orange County contain secondary outfalls that discharge into landlocked lakes. The county has no easement agreement or right of way (ROW) for these outfalls, which historically conveyed floodwater from upstream areas where most of the stormwater system predates stormwater regulations, and has no stormwater facilities. Read more

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